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Join me on my journey into Contemporary reverse harem...

Check back for updates on a special anthology featuring Blaire Malin,

releasing April 1, 2023!

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March 31, 2023

Exploitation, murder, lies…

The Maldonado Cartel is life.

We live and die by a depraved moral code.

To act against my grandfather is a death wish I didn’t have. Until recently. But we all know how feelings will complicate even the easiest of choices.

Turf wars are being waged on Crimson Bay soil, and I find myself caught in the middle. Our enemies are coming for us, which means I have to fight if I want to survive. I have to prove myself if I want to thrive.

Deception is the catalyst that ruins my carefully woven secrets.

I had three rules.

No names.

No drugs.

No family affairs.

I broke them all, and that leaves me only two options.

Cut ties with my heart and live by the Maldonado code…

Or tell the truth and drag these men through hell with me.

A cartel princess should never fall in love.

That was my first mistake.

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M.F. Adele

“I might not be the villain, but I’m the antihero of this story”


One of the greatest perks of my job is interacting with readers.
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