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April 9, 2021 - Unavaliable

When Hephaestus marked me to be the next Queen of Vulcan, he also marked me for death. 

My father has ruled our lands while awaiting the next Queen. He was meant to uphold peace and prosperity—and then rejoice and step down when she was marked.

But he had no intention of giving up the throne. He wanted to murder all the Queens.

Even his own daughter.

He wanted me to be beautiful but useless. 

Elegant and voiceless. 

Pliant and submissive. 

Too bad for him—I'm none of those things. And I'll show him that a True Queen bows to no one. 

My mates and I will take the throne and restore balance to our lands. Our forge will burn bright once more.

Nothing will stop us.

Even if it means killing the man who raised me.

This is war.

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