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September 30, 2022

I am not a good person.

I’m the villain of Alric Moore’s story. And we’ve reached the climax. Not even mental torture will stop me from becoming his demise.

As havoc knocks on another realm’s doorstep, the druids prepare for a war that isn’t theirs to fight. Everyone will come face-to-face with the best version of me. Because beneath the blood and gore lies the Goddess of Wrath and Justice.

I am the judge, jury, and executioner.

Though I choose to walk the line of right and wrong, I’ll always lean. Balance is a precarious thing when I’m playing both sides of the board. My moral compass will never point north, and the rules no longer apply to me.

Lucky for you, I won’t have to slaughter entire worlds to keep those I love safe. I’ve already found Alric to be guilty. Now it’s just a matter of serving his punishment.

Welcome to the end.

I’m Sloane f*****g King,

and I’m no damsel in distress.

But you already knew that.

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