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November 24, 2023

I’m a catastrophe waiting to happen—And I always will be.


But there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a devastating natural disaster is exactly what we need to cleanse the slate and move forward.


This new world is full of dangers, and I’m now one of them. The fear of beasts settles in the back of my mind as talk of war floats around the island. I will lurk in the depths, waiting for my chance to sink that treacherous ship of denial and deceit.


Spiran is my home, and the Mongrels are my people. Low tides leave us precious time to warn the other natives of the battles they will face against the unstable Shade Queen. She won’t change my mind, despite her desperate attempt.


Rivers of emotion calm within me as my power grows each day. This leaves the vast shorelines bare as the water recedes, readying for the impending storm.


Our dreams of happiness are being threatened, and I refuse to stand by idle and pampered while enemies creep around our border. No matter how unlikely our new allies may seem, we all have one thing in common. Everyone is ready for a fresh start.


The Mongrels know me as a reckless wild card. Now, they’ll learn loyalty makes me a fierce and cunning protector. 


My name is Ada Stormbrave, Queen of the Mongrels.

But they’ll also call me their Water Goddess.

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